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CONNECTING EUROPE: Guiding Principles for a climate neutral Europe by 2050

Europe finds itself in a phase of transition: the effects of climate change are already leaving their marks on many regions of the planet; the patterns of global cooperation are changing; longstanding political realities and alliances are challenged. The energy transition is at the heart of these changes and the members of the Roundtable for Europe’s Energy Future (REEF), at the forefront of technological advancements, committed to take action for a sustainable, viable and greener future.

Through the European Energy Union, the Commission has created a powerful framework to enhance the transition to a greener future. For Europe to be at the forefront of combatting climate change and to meet its commitment under the Paris Agreement, achieving net-zero emissions by mid-century is a pre-requisite.

The European Union will also need to take a leading role in international climate negotiations to raise the ambition level and make a real difference in the everyday life of people. This requires gaining the support of citizens. We as a Roundtable want to facilitate this.

In the interest of society, we spur innovation in the areas of digitalisation and sector coupling, develop new business models and connect citizens across borders in order to create a cleaner and greener future for all Europeans.

Hence the REEF stresses 7 key priorities which should guide EU energy and climate policy in the trajectory to a climate neutral Europe by 2050. You can find the detailed guiding principles here.

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