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Roundtable for Europe’s Energy Future: “Recovery through an accelerated Green Deal” action plan sent to the Commission

On 9 April, REEF sent an action plan to EU Energy Commissioner Simson with the goal of mitigating the impact of COVID-19 on the European economy. This is in response to the Commissioner’s request made during the last video conference with REEF Chairman Claudio Facchin on 3 April. To supporting the European Commission in its efforts to address the recovery from the COVID-19 crisis, the alliance proposed to consider, in particular, three main focus areas:

  1. Put people first: reduce the human impact of the crisis through initiatives that protect jobs and small and medium size companies;
  2. Accelerate Green Deal implementation: follow through on Green Deal commitments and work with big players like China and the US to make a bigger global impact in climate change mitigation;
  3. Work better together: leverage technology and digitalization initiatives to foster greater cross- stakeholder collaboration and smart sector integration.

REEF stressed that through the ongoing crisis caused by COVID-19, the importance of a secure and sustainable energy supply as well as a reliable digital infrastructure for society has become particularly apparent. In this context, it was important that roadblocks are cleared to ensure reliable power supplies – in areas like movement of people and essential goods and manufacture of mission-critical equipment for life services. The alliance also recommended the establishment of a Crisis Response team that can connect virtually and advise on electricity for humanitarian needs and critical public services (e.g. hospitals) for the duration of the pandemic.

Letter from REEF Chairman Facchin to Commissioner Simson

“Recovery through an accelerated Green Deal” – Action plan sent to the Commission

Specific recommendations to EU recovery – Annex to REEF Action plan sent to the Commission on 30 April